Carton Erector Serie AC

Carton Erector Serie AC

Automatic case erector for american carton


The serie AC includes 6 different models, depending on the size of the carton, production speed and a type of closure required we will propose the right model for your needs

The carton erectors series AC are ideal for small and medium productions, for their reduced management cost, simplicity of operation and easy and intuitive adjustments that allow you to change format in less than 5 minutes. The exclusive Flap system ensures perfect closure of the lower flaps with both hot glue and adhesive tape thanks also to the special drive belts that keep the cardboard perfectly squared during the advance, thus avoiding the common jams of traditional systems due to problems of the cartoon itself. The AC series box formers are completely made of stainless steel and equipped with a touch screen to control operations.



Speed ProductionFrom 400 to 2000 cartons/h
Type of BoxAmerican carton/Bag in Box
Type of ClosureAdhesive tape or Hot melt

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